Are you planning to go to Dubai? Here are some interesting cultural facts about Emirati City

Tourism in Dubai offers insight into the city’s rich culture and has interesting stories for travelers.

Tourism in Dubai: Dubai is one of the most popular international destinations for Indian tourists and the city’s rich and diverse culture is a major factor in attracting so many tourists. Now Dubai has announced a relaxation for inbound travelers including India. Currently, only Indians with a valid residence visa can enter the city after obtaining the UAE-approved Govt-19 vaccine and negative RT-PCR test, and conditions in India continue to apply. improve, the city may soon allow others to travel for tourism. purposes too.

Tourism in Dubai offers insight into the city’s rich culture and has interesting stories for travelers. To understand some of these interesting cultural aspects, Bullpool Dhawan reached out to Ahmed Al Jafla, Protocol Director of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) in Dubai, on Financial Express Online.

History of the wind tower

With no air conditioners, managing the heat, especially in the hot desert, was very difficult. What Dubai came up with at the time was an elegant solution – a solution that is now redundant due to air conditioners. This wind tower was called ‘Barjeel’ in the city. Read more Ahmed said: “Bargeel is a wind tower made of coral, mud and limestone, and the sticks found in this structure come from the Zanzibar tree of Sental in Africa. People will climb on these sticks and enter the structure for maintenance work and to clean the tower. The wind tower worked by pulling air from any direction and sending it into the main room, where the old wind was escaping from the opposite direction.

Although the barge is no longer built, it can still be found in older structures. The barge was usually above the main hall, and a house had one or a maximum of two air towers so that these and the air flow were not disturbed. Ahmed said the barge could lower the temperature by 10 degrees Celsius.

Evening coffee ceremony

The evening coffee ritual is very luxurious in Dubai and includes Kahwa coffee. “Kahwa is the Arabic coffee that we serve day and night. It is served very hot in small cups called “tips” and the cup is only a quarter full. It is provided by the hostel as many times as the customer wants. The coffee beans come from Yemen, they are roasted fresh, the beans are crushed and added to boiling water along with the cardamom and saffron. Some people like cloves. Kahwa is served in a coffee maker called ‘Della’ and hospitality is served to the guests, ”Ahmed said.

“Kahwa is always ready to welcome businesses, homes and government services, travelers, guests and dignitaries. Kahwa is the first drink offered to greet guests, and it is always served at weddings and celebrations and before guests leave. It’s refreshing, it’s a tradition that dates back thousands of years, ”he said.

Completion of the folder is an indication that the guest is not welcoming guests.

The composition of the perfume

Dubai women create their own specific scent by mixing scents to achieve the scent they want.

“Every local woman in the United Arab Emirates creates her own fragrance by mixing different fragrances. She wants to create a scent that she loves. She mixes ingredients and scents as she likes, and when she finds the scent she wants, she records the ingredients and measurements as a recipe. This scent is usually very unique, people recognize it by this scent. I remember my mother’s scent in her clothes and at home I used it. It can smell, especially since these scents are oil-based, ”Ahmed told FE Online.

“Women have perfumes for their clothes and hair, a special hair oil called mukhamaria, and oil-based perfumes that apply to the tip of the nose and behind the ears. Pulse area wrist. They are mixed with a grass of mahogany, saffron and a little rose water and applied around the hair, up to the ears. Scrub the back and keep it cool and fragrant, especially when it’s hot outside. It is a perfect complement to offer perfumes to your guests and to perfume your home, workplace and wedding venue as it reflects the hospitality of the host, ”he said.

“Guests are given charcoal and shaving at homes and weddings, with women kissing on the cheek and men kissing on the nose. Perfumes play an essential role in the life of the Emirates, as well as the presence of French perfumes, local perfumes, etc. Explain.

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