L’OCCITANE takes center stage at the IUCN Congress to contribute to a “nature-positive” world

The IUCN Congress brings together decision makers from government, civil society, indigenous groups, business and academia to discuss and develop solutions to the world’s most pressing conservation and sustainability challenges.

Climate, biodiversity, and human and economic well-being are closely linked, and their link has been made all the more visible by the pandemic. L’OCCITANE has a clear visionary approach to biodiversity, which has been at the heart of its products, its business model and its commitments to society and nature since its birth in Provence in 1976.

Doing business in harmony with nature conservation

We live on a fragile planet with limited resources. Today, the world is at a crossroads in addressing the climate crisis and halting biodiversity loss through mitigation and adaptation. As a group that is inspired by nature and relies on its resources and on the know-how of communities to work best with these resources, the L’OCCITANE Group is committed to contributing to a world that respects the environment. nature through the following actions.

  • Offer spectacular changes to mitigate the climate crisis and anticipate its consequences.
  • Protect and restore cultivated and natural biodiversity within and beyond our value chains.
  • Empower all people in our communities and build lasting and fruitful business relationships with our partners – farmers, researchers, entrepreneurs and NGOs – from Provence to Burkina Faso and Brazil.

L’OCCITANE at the IUCN Congress

L’OCCITANE will participate in the Forum, a global marketplace for conservation science that will feature high-level dialogues and capacity building sessions covering all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

It will also host a stand in the Exposure, where L’OCCITANE en Provence will present to the public its work and initiatives focused on the sustainable management of biodiversity and the mitigation of the climate crisis.

Congress participants will have the opportunity to learn more about L’OCCITANE’s considerable efforts to support biodiversity in southern France during the field Excursions which will be made available to registered participants.

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For more information: L’OCCITANE Group, Marianna Fellmann, +41 (0) 22 561 09 30, [email protected]

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